Drive-Through COVID-19 Testing

Get test results in just 24 hours

1. Find your local Eurofins testing site

No appointment needed – just go to the test site near you, then follow the posted instructions. Check out your nearest locations here.

2. Get Tested

You’ll be tested with our highly accurate nasal PCR COVID-19 test, which is proven to be more accurate than rapid antigen testing.

3. Get results

You’ll receive an email with your COVID-19 results in just 24 hours.

There’s a better way to get tested for COVID-19.

You can get fast, COVID-19 PCR testing with Eurofins drive-through testing sites. Tests are covered by insurance and the CARES Act*, which means no out-of-pocket costs. You don’t need an appointment – just come to the drive-through site, get tested, and then get results in just 24 hours. Find a location near you, then get tested today.